Monday, August 1, 2016

"...he was growling and trying to kill us..."

Hey family,
This was a goodish week. We dont really have any baptismal dates right now, so its stressful, and my comp has never gone 1 change without baptizing and has always had dates, but with kind of used to it. but im still stressed about finding people and helping our progressing. we have one older couple that have 2 grown children that are members and the son served a mission, and during the whole time in the mission his mom was attending church but never got baptized. they know everything and have attended but wont get baptized, the wife says she is against the fact that we can dance, and thats why she wont get baptized, the dad says he knows its true but he just wont get baptized. they have an interesting situation and were trying to reads the book of mormon with them and help them to get over their little doubts. but i know we will have success here. so we still have this dog in the house. they were going to put him to sleep this last week but they had to take away all food and water from the dog first, so they did that and then the dog supposedly didnt want to take the injection so they put it off again, but he had no food or water and he was super starving so one night my comp starts throwing bread to him and all is well, but one piece hits the gate and falls right in front on our side so the dog cant eat it and he got so mad, it was terrifying, he somehow shoved half of his body in the hole of the gate to try to eat the bread and he was growling and trying to kill us basically, and we were terrified because he was really close to getting out, so we called our neighbor Hermano Mendoza and the elders and they came and fixed the whole in the gate, but that was super scary. but they are saying this tuesday they are taking him away. but this week was good. The church is true, and the Book of Mormon is amazing, it really does change lives and it is one of the greatest blessings, it makes me  so sad the people who wont accept this book, because i know the peace and comfort that comes from reading it, it is from God, and i love it. And i love you guys!!!! have an awesome week!!!
Hermana Sorenson

 She said she had an accidente with her hair!

 She doesn't know why they took a picture in front of this wall, ha ha!!

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