Monday, May 30, 2016

"We can overcome the evil with the good"

We had a good week. Hermana Guzman has changes and Im staying here with Hermana Deleon from guate. Everyone is telling me shes cool so thats good. Im super happy to be staying here. So this week was good. This country is just crazy. Its always been crazy and i dont know why but i was thinking a lot about all the stuff that goes down here. The daughter of our recent convert has been having issues in school, and these kids are the worst, theyre super brutal. There are really great people here but theres a lot of bad too. I feel like its a country driving purely by the natural man, they give in to every passion. I was studying today and i read romans 12 21
  Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. There is a lot of evil here, and sometimes it seems like its overcoming us as missionaries and no one can chnage, but thats not true. We can overcome the evil with good. This gospel can and will do that. It can overcome all the evil in this world that is super messed up. Im so grateful for the light this gospel brings, its so true. ok i have to go already I love you guys!!!!! have an awesome week love you!!!!!!!

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