Monday, November 30, 2015

"we all started crying"

Hey family!! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!!! The people here actually ended up giving us a lot of food throughout the day so i ate a lot, it was a thanksgiving miracle. This week was good. Bridgette and Lily, our fechas, couldnt go to church this week, so we have no none to be baptised in this change which sucks but in the next change we have a lot of potential i think. Bridgette is 38 and she might have a 15 year old boyfriend, so well work with that this week too. Oh man it is so gross, but shes so good, and reading the book of mormon still hopeful. We met Erwin this week. He moved to the sates at 16 and lived there for a long time and got married and everything, but he had an issue with his papers and had to come back. Hes 26 now, and he perfers speaking english, so thats amazing!! He is so smart. Yesterday he started talking to us about the symbolism of numbers in the scriptures, and im like what?? you sound just like my dad right now!!! it is crazy, he knows all the parables and all the symbolism, hes brillant so its kind of hard to teach him, but he was taught but the missionaries before and he believes the church is the closest to the true he has ever seen, but he doesnt feel like he is prepared to be baptized yet, like he needs to completely devote himself to God to be baptized, which is good, but thats a process for your whole life, so were trying to help him with that. So i forgot to talk about the multizona the other week, it was good, but we were doing practices with some sisters and a sister from our zone was giving the first vision, and it was amazing!!! we all started crying, it was like the first time i heard it or something, and the spirit was so strong, and it totaly reaffirmed my testimony of the first vision, it really happened, i know Joseph Smith was a prophet and restored the exact church Jesus Christ established in his life. So awesome!! Also I finally found the good pupusas here, and theyre right outside the house, its awsome!! This week was good, still trying to get some baptisms, but all our investigators are super positive. Have an awesome week, i love you guys!!!!

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