Monday, November 23, 2015

"I'm so stressed and so freaking happy, what the heck!!!!"

Hi family!!
Wow this week was so good. We are seeing so many miracles here i cant even believe it. I keep thinking who am i to be given this incredible and amazing people to teach, why do i get to be a part of their conversion, im nothing and i feel like their salvation is in my hands!! its terrifying, but ive never been so happy!!!! We cant stop smiling here. I feel like a real missionary now because i am so stressed and so freaking happy, what the heck!!! This family Chinchilla we have been teaching is so amazing. They have an 11 year old 8 year old and thecutest 1 year old, all boys. They all just love each other so much and i keep picturing them in the temple, i want it so bad for them!!! They went to our meet the mormons activity the other week and came to sacrament yesterday and said they will come for all the meetings next week. They have TONS of questions, the first lesson we had to talk about everything, tithing, fasting, plan of salvation, restoration, everything, but i love the ones who ask good questions cause they actually care. So pray for them please!! We had Bridgette and Ever in church too, so 7 total!! yay!! i never brought more than 2 before which sucks so i am excited. Bridgette and her daughter Lily are going to be baptized the 6th of december!! they were so prepared. I was super excited about Ever because he was so positive, and weve been teaching him for like 2 weeks but the branch president made us give him to the elders cause apparently hes like schitzophrenic however you spell that, and its "too dangerous" for us, i was a little mad about that, hes taking medicine and hes fine! but we wont teach him anymore:( But all is good here. We feel like weve been giving some chosen people for sure, they are so ready for the gospel, and im praying so hard for this family, i seriously love them!! The mission is so weird, i feel like im starting to change a lot, and im not baggy or trunky or whatever at all, which is awesome. I love it here, i love my companion, so much, and i just love being a missionary, i love it so much i cant even explain, best choice ever. Love you guys have a great thanksgiving!!!!! eat a lot of delicious food for me!!!!!
Hermana Sorenson
Zone conference where they served turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. 
Grateful for an American Mission President!

Flu shots for everyone!!


A little boy at church drew this for her.

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