Monday, November 16, 2015

"...we'll tell you why!!!"

So this week was so amazing and ive probally never been so happy before!! We found Bridgette and her daughter Lilly this week and they are amazing!! We had one lesson with them and they want to be baptized the 29th. We were talking to them and we mentioned how other churches have parts of the truth and then shes just like yeah but theres only one church with everything and we were like Yes!! She was afraid to pray at the end of the lesson so Hermana Gonzalez had her repeat after her, so bridgette repeated, but added her own stuff too and Hermana Gonzalez said like help us to be able to go to church on sunday, and Bridgette added and for every sunday, i dont know if that sounds so dumb, but it made me so happy, they are ready to be active members of the church for the rest of their lives, they are so prepared, she was so excited to read the book of mormon and go to church and everything, so hopefully next week theyll be in church, she works in the circus by the way hahaha. We also found two families this week, in my training i never even taught a family, but im hoping to baptize one this change. We had an activity to watch meet the mormons and we brought 6 investigators. The one new family came and it was so sweet. I am pretty sure the dad cried during the missionary mom part and when the guy was called on the mission to speak english the mom looked at me and smiled, i thought that was so sweet. The first lesson we had with them, they had tons of questions, we had to explain tithing and fasting and the restoration and plan of salvation and points from literally every lesson it was crazy but they are so sweet and pretty positive. We also met a guy in the street one night and he asked us questions and stuff and then he asked why the bible didnt talk about latin america and we were like we'll tell you why!!! he wasnt positive at all but his questions were awesome and we had a perfect answer to all of them with the book of mormon. So yeah i think we have a lot of potential here and im so excited about that family and also this guy Ever, the branch pres says hes crazy but hes taking medicine and he wants to be baptized and hes so excited about the church so well baptize him. I am so happy here!!! I love sharing this gospel and seeing how little by little it completely changes a person, it is amazing!!!! I love it here!! i love you guys too, have a great week!!!!

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