Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Super great...so great...seriously happy...so happy!!"

Hi everyone!!!
This week was super great, my companion is just so great. She just finished training Hermana Wiles, the one in was in the CCM with, she trained right after her training, shes pretty amazing. Texis is so cute, its so colorful and the little town center always has basketball games and soccer games and music and everything its so cute. Our house is amazing, but we have a bat problem. One full grown bat lives in one of the rooms but we dont use it so its fine, but the other day Hermana Gonzalez went to the bathroom and shes like come here right now and im like what the heck... i went and shes like look at this thing... and the bat had a baby i guess and put him in the corner of her bathroom. It was small and just hanging in the corner, Hermana Gonzalez was seeing it there for like 3 days thinking it was a leaf, but no, its a bat. So she put a bag over her hand and grabbed it and it was squerming all around but its in the trash now, it was hilarious. We had 35 people in sacrament the first sunday and 43 this week, so this sunday President told my comp she had to give a 10 minute talk, like 5 minutes before sacrament, so ill be writing talks this week to make sure i have something. We are hoping to have a baptism soon!! Theres a little girl Natasha that lives with members and she wants to be baptized but we need a signature and her mom lives in the states, but it should all work out, and im excited to have a baptism here. Opening an area is great, but its pretty stressful at first, having no one at all, but we have people now and weve met some positive people in the street this week so i hope they progress. I am so happy!!!! Seriously happy. This church is true, Theres a scripture in 2 nephi 27 i think verse 5 that talks about people having their eyes closed to the true, and its so true. It is so clear!!!! This is true, and so many people have it right in front of them, but the have their eyes closed and cant recognize it!!! I am so grateful to have the truth, it brings real lasting happiness!! I love it!! and i love you guys!!! have a great week love you all!!!!!
Hermana Sorenson
They climbed a big hill to get this picture and she said "It was soooo worth it".

She met a man this week that told her she was the second most beautiful girl he 
had ever seen, then he commenced singing to her in the street.  

 They bought a mirror for the apartment.  They didn't have one for a week.
 Hermana Sorenson and Hermana Gonzalez
This is the adorable building where the branch meets.

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