Monday, November 2, 2015

"I feel like I'm in Lost..."

I am so happy!!! This place is amazing!!! My companion is literally the best, and our house is amazing!!! Im in Texisepeque, and were opening an area!! The branch is tiinnyy, like 20 people maybe?, the chapel is adorable, it looks like Hawaii here. I feel like Im in Lost. So Ill start from the beginning. The day of transfers me and Hermana Avila woke up and looked at the phone and it was black and wouldnt turn on and Hermana Avilas like oh shoot what timne is it and i look at my watch and its freaking 8. We were supposed to be at the stake center ready to leave at 730. That stupid phone...what the heck. Anyway luckily i was all packed...but hermana avila was she left a ton of stuff in the house and we were freaking out so hard, i got super strength becuase i was carrying both my bags in my hands running outside. it was insane. So we were flagging down every car in the street praying someone could help us, then the zone leader drives up with a van of people, we looked so bad...we literally just got out of bed, but the took us to santa ana and it all worked out, but hermana avila was pretty freaked out about it, she cried a lot, but we made it. So now my companion is Hermana Gonzalez, she speaks perfect english!!!! Shes from Bahia Blanca Argentina...something like that. Shes super cool, shes knows all the movies and stuff I know, Shes super energetic and cute and I am so excited to work with her. The rama has been waiting for sisters for a long time so they love us. The president is crazy, but great. He super loved Coke so we drink it everytime we go over. We eat there every Sunday!! Our house is amazing!!! With a real kitchen and everything, i love it. I never want to leave here. Opening an area is actually cool, we can do whatever we want, teach how we want and talk to whoever we want, its super awesome. I might have had Dengue this week,  Ill get tested later this week. Im normal now dont write President....So yeah I am super happy to be here, well have tons of success, right now we dont have many people to teach, but well find the chosen people here. Its so cute here. Ahuachapan was super different, and way more poor. The zone is great too, they are tiny too, but baptized 25 people last change so i am soooo excited!!!!! Everyones great and were going to work so hard here, itll be amazing!!! Missionary work is amazing, the church is true and it is the greatest blessing to serve here in El Salvador!!!! I love you guys, have a great week!!!!
 Jonathon's baptism
 Her first area of El Arco

 Her first companion Sister Avila

Vilmita, the funny lady that they taught

The new apartment in her second area Texisepeque

Her new companion Sister Gonzalez from Bahia Blanca, Argentina

 Some kind of candy, I'm guessing from Sister Gonzalez because it says Argentina on it.

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