Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First Transfer

So this week was good, me and hermana Avila are both leaving this
area, Im not sure yeah, but its all good. Were packing and everything
right now and its super stressful, i hope i have enough time to do
everything i need to. Every companionship in the zone had changes
except the zone leaders, so theres going to be a ton of new
missionaries here, the are like 27 or 28 coming. So yeah thats crazy.
Also this week Jonathon was baptized thank goodness. We went to his
house the day of the baptism and no one was home and we waited outside
their house forever and i prayed so hard, i was freaking out, but
eventually he came and we were super late to the baptism but it all
worked out. We already got a comment that he is much more reverent and
calm, thank goodness, we promised his mom if he was baptized and
recieved the holy ghost he would change, and he is better. He was
straight insane before, but luckily he doesnt like coffee hahaha.
So this didnt happen this week but the other day we were with this
super old lady, and she has hearing problems and its super difficult
but she wanted to give a prayer, and she starts going normal, then she
startes like singing/chanting, super weird, then she busts out
laughing but shes still praying, and rocking back and forth and
praising Jesus and shes super loud,just singing out, it was pretty
hilarious, its so hard to not laugh sometimes in these lessons and
prayers, some of the churches and pretty out there.
We also teach our neighbor, this super old lady, Vilmita, shes so
cute, and so funny, i have a picture of her this week, she always
tells us to tell her about Papa Chus, shes super catholic but said
shed be baptized in november but i dont think she knew what she was
saying, but shes so cute. Anyway Ill have a lot to say next week with
my new companion and area and everything, super exciting, and sad too.
Love you guys, have a great week!!!
 Here's a little excerpt from her letter to me, "It's hard to not be happy here honestly. I think I'm pretty different, I always sing in the streets, what the heck!!  I'm so happy, I love it, the mission is amazing, such a blessing!!!!"

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