Monday, October 3, 2016

"We can be happy no matter..."

This week was super great. The conference was awesome. My favorite was Elder Uchtdorf talk. This gospel really is marvelous. We have so much knowledge and understanding. How much God loves us and knows us. How Christ died for each and everyone of us. How we can find happiness in this life and in the next. Its amazing. Why arent we happy all of time? why dont we talk about the gospel with everyone? its incredible this gospel, but sometimes we get used to it and we dont appreciate it as we should. We forget what we felt in the moment when we knew this gospel is true. We need to remember the spirit we have felt in the church and keep feeling it, or we will forget and lose our way. Remember!!! Also my comp has changes and Hermana Solis will be my companion, shes from peru and i think she has like 9 months. Im excited for the changes. I learned a lot in these 2 changes here. And i loved being with Hermana Vissoni, but the new one will be great. I love this gospel. After the conference we left and heard all the other church preaching and singing, and i felt so grateful for this church. Nothing compares to the spirit we can feel in this gospel. It is so true. This church is lead by Jesus Christ. I hope you all know that and that you appreciate and love this gospel. Live it and you will be happy!!! We can be happy in any situation. I have definitely learned that during the mission. We can be happy no matter who we are with or what we are going through, thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you all!!!!!
Hermana Sorenson

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