Monday, September 19, 2016

"Satan is super intelligent...Chickens are so weird..."

hey family. 
This week was good, its always good, but its been kind of rough. We find a lot of people who will listen to us but it always ends up with them saying its just not for me its too crazy or weird or new. We teach a lot of lessons every week, and a lot of news, but no one is willing to make and keep commitment. We had a lesson this week and we had taught the restoration and gospel of Jesus Christ and were inviting her to pray and ask God and she told us its not necessary to pray to God to make choices. It was super sad. Everyone depends on their own knowledge and their own understanding, and they are scared to ask God what to do. I would hate to live that way. God wants to help us and guide us. Theres like a million churches here and its super confusing, how can we make a decision that determines our salvation without asking God. Satan is super intelligent, I can see how he works with us, and makes us think God will judge us for asking questions. I know God has answered my prayers and always listens to me, and i asked God and I know this church is true, and i just want these people to be able to feel that certainty as well, they go to church but they are unsure of everything. Its so sad. But some other things that happened this week.....its been suuuppperrr cold at night, and i dont have any clothes for that, also chickens are so weird, they are always climbing super high is the trees and falling out and its funny. The rain has been intense. I love El Salvador, im enjoy the pupusas while i can.
Love you all, have a great week!!!!!!
Hermana Sorenson

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