Monday, November 7, 2016

"Day of the Dead"

Hi family
This week was good, wednesday was day of the dead and we went to the cemetary to contact families and talk about the plan of salvation. we talked to more than 100 people. the graves here are like little houses and they decorate them like super crazy. then on friday we had a zone meeting with president spjut and i had to give my last testimony. so weird. 2 more weeks. i dont know what to write anymore... uhmmm were trying to help Marina get baptized the 12 of november, but she wants to wait until december, but i want to see her baptism!!! shes the sweetest lady, shes angels mom, she was super evangelica before, but she loves the church and she goes to every activity. So pray for her to be baptized the 12th!!  All is well here the missions awesome, i want to see you guys already and tell you all my stories a lot easier. love you guys!!!
Hermana Sorenson

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