Monday, August 22, 2016

"I have heard God, and seen God answer those prayers."

Hi Family,
Sorry i didnt write last week, but im going to try to write about last week and this week. 2 mondays ago Hermana Robles and Hermana Keller moved into our house. Hermana Keller had been in the hospital for 5 days with phnemonia i believe and asthma so they sent them here because our house is huge and cleaner supposedly.And then one of our hermana leaders finished the mission and went home a week before the change, so her comp, the other hermana leader Hermana Rayo is living here too. At first i wasnt super excited, but it been super fun. And last week was  Elder Herreras birthday so me and Vissoni got up early and brought a cake over and confetti and had a little party at the door. then later that day we prest some service with a less active cutting the weeds that had overgrown his whole backyard, so i finally used a machete, not very well, but i tried. then that same day a member invited us over for Elder Herreras birthday and the elders had left in the fridge and i dont know how but for some reason i ended up bringing the cake to the members house, and we had to take the bus and i had already thrown out the lid in the morning because the cake looked better without it, so i had to carry an uncovered cake on the bus at night and the bus was full, but some nice person gave me their seat, and we made it we ate dinner and cake with the member and when we were leaving i had to go to the bathroom, and they had an outhouse outside, so i go in and Hermana Vissoni had to hold the door shut, and when i finished i told her to open it and she let it swing open and all the sudden the huge metal door brakes off the hinges and cuts open my foot. So that was crazy, but it wasnt bad and its pretty much healed alreay, but it was pretty funny. I think i might have already written about this but we  went to San Salvador to renew our residency, and we got ot eat in Chiles and we all got super baggy. Then i think thats all that happened last week, and this week, Hermana Keller went home, she is pretty sick. So she bought a bunch of recuerdos and awesome stuff to take home. The hammock she bought is super cool, and a bunch of little paintings and pottery and stuff. On monday we had a zone activity and we did slip in slide, witha giant thing of plastic and shampoo and detergent and stuff, it was pretty fun. Then that night we had a FHE with a family, and I had to give the message and i talked about a story in the liahona about depending on God but also doing our part, and how we can the Hermana said [that was exactly what i was waiting to hear[, its moments like those that make the mission so worth it. I dont mean to share to be like oh i did something good, but my eachother. But God does talk to us that way. He loves us so much, and He does speak to us, and can communicate to us as clearly as a normal conversation between two people. Before the mission and during the mission prayer has always been a struggle for me. I dont know why, because i have recieved so many answers to prayers throughout my life, but i always forgot or just quickly did it to get it over with. But now, my testimony of prayer is so much stronger. I do feel the presence of my Father when I am praying. I feel His love for me and His desire to help me. I have felt so full of peace and comfort as I have made the effort to pray sincerely and continually. And I have heard God and seen God answer those prayers. So that was an awesome experience this week. then we had a normal week , district meeting on tuesday, we had to talk about using the BOM in lessons. Wednesday we planned for the week. Thursday normal working, friday normal, saturday 2 hermanas were upstairs screaming. We go up and they had brooms in their hands. And a little bit ahead of them in front of our bedroom door was a huge rat, and next to it was another smaller rat. I had seen the rat a couple times before, but it always just ran across thr room and didnt really bother us, but this time it was right in the middle of the floor and it wouldnt move even when we touched it with the broom. it looked like it was going to have babies. But anyway Vissoni and Robles had the courage to pokee at it and they had the intention of killing it,and me and hermana Rayo were watchinig and Rayo was filming it, so Hermana Robles smacks it with the brrom as hard as she can and it skoooted away a little and left some blood, but it was very much alive.and we decided we couldnt do it so we call the elders and they came with the familia Mendoza to kill the rats. Alex mendoza kills the big one right away because it couldnt move but the little one was runnning all over the place and we were yelling and then we lose it for a little whiile and we relized the big one is still breathing and Alex kills it again and then they find the small one in the freaking bed, and Alex kills that one. Im pretty sure there are more but 2 are gone now so thats good. but all is well here. The mission is super crazy but super awesome. I love you guys!!!!
Hermana Sorenson
 Interchanges a couple of weeks ago.


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