Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"I'm just so happy, so so so happy"

Hey family,
So this is the second to last time im writing home. So weird. So luckly im staying here in aldea my last week in trio with Solis and Orozco, shes from california. itll be super fun. and we have to baptize marina this week. Shes become like my second mom here. She went to an apostolica church before and believed that wearing pants and dying hair and wearing makeup was a sin, but she is totally converted to this gospel now, she even wears a little bit of makeup, shes so sweet. She went to stake conference on sunday and she came out and said this is the church that God has prepared. it was so cool. She knows its all true, she goes to church every sunday and every mutual even though shes tired from work, shes so great. im so excited for her baptism, pray for her a lot!!! I have come to love these people so much. and there is no better feeling than to tell someone you love about this gospel that can bring them so much joy and comfort in the hardest of times. i love this gospel so much. i promise my next letter will be super good hahah, but now i dont even know what to say, i am just so happy. so so so happy :) i love you all so much. 
Hermana Sorenson
 Some older pictures

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