Monday, October 31, 2016

"Life is hard, but it doesn't have to be sad."

Hey family.
This week was awesome!!! Jose was baptized. It was a super miracle. Weve known him for just like 3 or 4 weeks and he has been super great since the beginning, he was always ready for church before we got to his house and he went to the mutuals by himself. hes super great. Its amazing to meet these people who are so humble and so willing to submit themselves to the will of God. I want to be more like them. These recent converts are incredible. So im super happy. I love it here, Aldea is my favorite area. I dont even know what to say anymore. I just love this gospel, its so true. If we willingly obey, we will be happy and blessed. Life is hard, but it doesnt have to be sad. Christ already suffered for our saddness so we dont have have to suffer it. Trust in God and follow Christ, and all will work out. Missionary work is the mot fullfilling thing ever. I love it, and i love all you sooooo much!!!!

Hermana Sorenson

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