Monday, October 10, 2016

"Something else so crazy happened..."

Hi family
This week was super good. My new comp, Hermana Solis is super great. Shes an awesome teacher and super sweet and friendly with everyone. We get along super well and she helps me out a lot. Last night we had a super awesome lesson. We were talking to this man outside his house and he was telling us about how he used to do a lot of drugs and how sometimes he feels like he should just kill himself. He feels empty and like he has nothing to live for and he asked me, do you feel like this church has filled you? I felt the spirit so strong and i told him yes, i do feel like this gospel has completely filled me, with joy and happiness and peace. It has helped me with every trial and challenge in my life, i know it is true. and if we let it, this gospel will fill us and change us and bring us more peace than we have ever felt. I am so grateful for this gospel. It has changed my life and ive seen it change the lives of others. Its so awesome! As the lesson was ending something else so crazy happened that ill tell you after the mission hahaha. But God is definitely protecting us and watching out for us and putting people in our paths that need to feel His love. I love the mission. I love you guys!!!!
Hermana Sorenson

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