Monday, October 19, 2015

"I learned how much I care about these people..."

Hey family!!
 So today is day 4 of straight pouring rain, it has not stopped at all. Everyone here is in beanies and sweaters and coats and everything, Im a little cold, but everyones dressed like its 10 degrees, its hilarious. So this week was good, i learned how much I actually care about these people this week. On Monday we were walking home from a family home evening and ran into one of our recient converts, my first baptism, and he was smoking, It was so terrible, i felt so bad, my stomach just dropped, it was like he was some one in my family. I kept thinking why do i even care, i hardly know him?? But man it sucked, he felt terriblet oo, he kept saying forgive me forgive me, Im not like this, forgive me. It was so sad. He has some problems in his family, but now i think he feels so guilty he doesnt want to talk to us or go to church, so its a struggle with him right now. But on a happier note, Jonathon the crazy little boy weve been teaching is going to be baptised this thursday, he is seriously the most hyper kid in the world. This is his 3rd year in first grade, he can not focus for more than like 30 seconds, so its super hard to teach him, but it worked out pretty well. The whole mission is kind of suffering right now, not many baptisms so were trying to work really hard to bring it up and find more chosen people. This monday we have a conference with Elder Snow, i dont know who he is, but im excited. So p day is tuesday next week, dont expect me to write on monday. So yeah i think thats all i have for this week, and I will have pictures from the baptism next week!! Its the best thing ever to see people find to joy this gospel brings. Little by little these people are changing and they are so much happier and more positive, and its amazing, this gospel bring joy to our lives no matter what circumstances we are in. This gospel changes lives, because its true!!! Have a great week everyone, i love you guys, thank you for everything!!!

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