Monday, October 12, 2015

"...I couldn't stop smiling"

 This is outside where she does her laundry, does dishes, and sometimes showers.

Hi family!!!
So were not having much success this transfer, right now at least. One of our most positive investigaators fell through with her date, and another is struggling. They dont real ready or prepared to be baptized so were trying to figure out what to do with them. Were hoping to have at least 2 more baptisms this transfer. But our investigator Edenilson is juts amazing, I dont know if I talked about him last week too, but whatever. This week the other Hermanas in our ward had a batism and Edenilson came and there was an investigator there, and Edenilson started talking to him and hes like so when are you going to be baptised? It wasnt a huge deal but i dont know i couldnt stop smiling, in little ways hes being a missionary too!! It makes me so happy. He taught with us yesterday too, and we asked when he could leave with us again, saturday or sunday and hes like oh both is good, he is so amazing. He texted us last night and hes like is it ok if i invite my sister to the family home evening tomorrow? So were working with two of his sisters right now, he really wants them to be baptized. And I think hes going to the temple to do baptisms this month!! So happy for him!!Were also working with this Jonathon who i mentioned last  week and is so insane, taking him to church is a little rough, the members are a little mad at us because he wont stay in primary or be quiet and stuff, so its super stressful, but he needs to go to church, and hes learning, little by little. Hey Lindsay, i keep forgeting to mention the machetes, everyone has one, but not the missionaries, but i could use one...there are a bunch of like cowboys here with these holsters for their machetes and they have leather fringe and theyre so sweet, i want one, hahaha. Ill try to get a picture one day. So no baptisms planned right now, but soon. I really do love the mission, I am so happy, I love my companion, and our converts and our investigators and everyone here. I am so grateful to be here, I love this gospel. God does hear every prayer. I love you all and your examples, youre all amazing!!!!

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