Monday, October 12, 2015

"...a privilege to represent my Savior"

This week was super great. Elving was baptized and it was amazing. We got to the chapel really early and he kept counting down how manny minutes until it started, it was so cute. So I had to give a talk at his baptism, and Bishop told me like 10 minutes before so that was fun. But it all worked out, and I took all the time I was supposed to and it was in spanish hahaha. Spanish is coming a lot easier know, I still wish I knew everything, but I can say pretty much everything I want to, thank goodness. Some people I can understand everything everytime, others not so much, but Im getting there. Its bizarre to have two languages in my head, my thoughts are like half and half now, and when I try to speak english with other gringos, spanish words get in there, and its just weird, but awesome. I am so glad I get to learn Spanish. So yeah I think Im at the point where I love the mission, it is pretty great. Elvin has a little brother who is 8, Jonathon, and hes a little bit insane. We took him to conference with us and we went to take him home after and his mom wasnt home so we went to find someone else to watch him, and hes going into the bushes and like searching for something and were like come on jonathon lets go, and he comes out with a gaint dead bird in his hand and hes like look, look what i found, and i start freaking out like you have to wash your hands what are you thinking youre going to get sick, dont touch your face dont touch anything!!! Oh my gosh i couldnt believe it, it was so disgusting hahaha. He is the most hyper kid in the world and we took him to two sessions in a row of conference, it was a little rough. But I got to listen to conference in English, it was amazing!!! I loved it, especially Rasbands testimony, Uchtdorf, Holland, Nelson, and Keetch. I loved Elder Rasbands, when he was talking about his family being members and Believing in God and Christ and he said I have loved them, since I learned of them, I loved that so much, becuase I have the best parents in the world and I have Loved Them since I learned of Them too. I am so grateful that my parents have taught me the gospel my whole life!! Conference was amazing, the spirit was so strong. I love this gospel so much, and I am so grateful to share with others, it is such a privilege to represent my Savior and share His doctrine with this people!!! Love you all!!!!!

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