Monday, September 28, 2015

" tired of talking about skirts!"

So I feel like we havent had a baptism in forever, which stinks, but this Thursday we will have one, so im super excited!! One of our baptisms fell through for the 7th because she doesnt like skirts... theres obviously a bigger problem but oh my gosh i am so tired of talking about skirts!! Everyone here thinks its a sin for women to wear pants, everyone brings up a scripture in the bible in deuteronomy about men dressing like women and women like men, everyone!! its crazy. But were going to get her back. Also everyone here gives their kids coffee at every meal then complains their kids are way to hyper... i dont understand that at all. I was actually cold here this week... i keep saying im going to die in idaho, and then hermana avila said her neighbor went to the states and he had a heart attack from the cold and died.... so im a little scared to go back... it probably never got below like 70 but i was so cold. It rained like everyday this week, but i really like the rain so it isnt problem. We got a completely new bishopric this week, literally everyone was crying when they released Bishop Zombrano...everyone it was crazy. But our ward mision leader is the bishop now and Hes great. Also we went to the Womens conference which was great, I understood s good amount, but not everything yet, and oh my gosh i am so grateful i can understand the leaders of the church in their own language with their own voices, its just not the same in spanish. And President Monson looked so skinny, its crazy! Anyway nothing much happened this week but it was good. Im really happy here and its going really well. Ive finished 3 months and its going really fast. I really am loving this, its amazing to be a missionary, and especially in El Salvador!! I love this gospel, it is true and it brings real happiness and real peace even when it seems impossible. Im so grateful to have this source of comfort and strength and knowledge in my life!!!! Love you guys!!!!

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