Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Top 5"

Ahhhh this week was so good!!! Transfers were this week and thank goodness Hernana Avila is still here, but the Hermana leaders called that night and said hey everyones talking about you guys, and we were like what the heck why? And they said you guys are in the top 5 of all the missionaries this transfer!!! We were the first sisters in the top 5 for a really long time, I couldnt believe it i was so excited!!! Hopefully we can stay there this transfer too. So yeah that made this week amazing, but not much else happened. We have an investigator named Catherine, she the cousin of Edenilson, and she will be baptized the 7th of october, and she asked me to teach her english... so thats starting this week, well see how that goes...Thisweek makes 3 months in the mission, so crazy!! and the next transfer is oct 28, and the end of my training, and probably the end of my time with hermana avila, so thats sad, but itll be good. Everyone says the mission is way better after training so maybe its good. Nothing really happened this week. Our next baptism in with Elvin who is 12. oct 1, we finally got his mom to sign for him so its really exciting, but Bishop doesnt like when we baptize kids, but this kid is determined, he goes to church every sunday by himself, and he just loves it, hes awesome. Edenilson has been going out to teach with us this week too, he is so great, im really hoping he will serve a mission next year. So im loving El Salvador, its so beautiful and so completely different than anywhere ive ever been, and there is a church on every corner, and everytime i hear them i can just feel it, this church is the only true church, i know it has absolutely everything we need, and the others, theyre just not the same, I love this church sooo much, i cant decribe it, but its just amazing, soooooo soooo grateful for this gospel and to be here in el salvador to share it!!!! I think thats all for this week, sorry if its really short!! Love you all!!!

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