Thursday, September 24, 2015

"...the best one yet"

Hi family!!!
This week was amazing!! We had two baptisms. No one thought Ingrid could be baptized because she just had so many problems, and so many dates for baptism that fell through, but thursday, on her birthday she was baptized!!! And Paula was baptized saturday, its was so great. On Sunday they were both late though, and they barely made it in time to be confirmed, it was so stressful, but they were confirmed and their blessings were so incredible, theyre going to be amazing members of the church!!! Edenilson started reading the Book of Mormon a couple weeks ago and he is in Alma now! Im so excited for him, he blessed and prepared the sacrament on Sunday, i almost died when i saw him up there, in a white shirt and tie and everything!! I was soooo happy. He is so amazing, I hope he serves a mission, he would be so amazing! So yeah they made this week the best one yet. The thunderstorms are just so amazing i love them so much, im going to miss them one day, they are insane, ive never seen anything like them. So some of the hardest things about the mission...everyone here has the same name, there are a million Edenilsons, Jose, Sandra, they all use like the same 10 names, its difficult. Also, Im itchy like all the time, and my bug bites are the ugliest things in the whole world, i would die without that itch relief stuff we bought before. So this week was great, Im super happy this week!!! Im am so grateful for this gospel, i cant put it in words!! I am so grateful that i know where i can find peace and comfort and strength during difficult times, Im so grateful i know what i need to do it this life to live with my Father in Heaven and my family for eternity. Im so grateful for the happiness i have because of this gospel. I know it is true with everything in me, without any doubt, if we live the principals of this gospel, we will live with God with joy and happiness for forever, how amazing!!!! Im so grateful for the testimonies of my family and all ive learned from them in my life, I love you all!!!!!!

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