Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"I've never really been adventurous..."

Hi family!!!
Nothing much happened this week but it was really good. We had intercambios and I went with an Hermana from Chihuahua Mexico, Hermana Arrieta. She knows english really well, so it was super fun. She is super powerful, she speaks so slowly and the spirit is so strong, and she testifies so strong, and she is super bold, it was awesome. This week we should have 2 baptisms,  Paula, who is 11 and Ingrid, she has 2 little kids. Its been super hard with Ingrid because she has problems with law of chastity word of wisdom and sabbath day, but she wants to be baptized and shes changed a lot so Im really excited. The other day it rained harder than ive ever seen, the streets turned into like rapids that could take you out, and we had to take our shoes off so they wouldnt float away, we were drenched in like 2 seconds, it was insane. Ive never been really adventurous, but this mission is definitly an adventure, and I really love it. Im starting to get really connected to this place. I realized the other day i have a tanline on my nose from my i need to wear my contacts for a while, its super dorky. So hopefully Ill have pictures of a bunch of baptisms next week, but this no baptisms. Oh i have these weird marks on my knees now from praying so much. Praying is awesome, my testimony of prayer is soooom uch stronger now and the scriptures too, I LOVE to read the scriptures, and to really study them, i love it. This gospel is just amazing, and so true, i am so lucky to have this and to know its true. There is only one way back to Heavenly Father and I KNOW this is it. I know if we live this gospel we will live with God, and thats amazing. I love you guys have a great week!!!
This was a selfie taken the day she wrote home.  So, she said "it's like we are together"!! 
They ride in these a lot and she says they are really fun!!

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