Monday, May 23, 2016

"...bend my arm, bend it!!!"

Hello family,
My comp broke her arm this week. Its been super fun. And thursday night she went to go shower and slipped in the bathroom and hit her elbow on the sink and she came out with her one arm like completely straight and she kept saying crap oh no oh crap oh no, and i was like what what happened and she was like bend my arm bend it! and i didnt know what was going on but i bent her arm and she screamed and i was a little freaked out. she kept saying it hurt super bad and that scared me because i know she can endure a lot of pain, in these countries they fight pretty rough, but thats another story. so we went to bed and it still hurt, and in the morning it looked weird and i called the elders and they called hermana Spjut and she said we needed an x ray. so we went with the elders to chalchuapa for an x ray, and taking someone with a broken arm on the bus is super terrible cause theres never seats. But we get to chalchuapa and get an x ray, and it was broken, so we went to santa ana with hermana Spjut to get a cast. and now she has her cast and she should get it removed on the 10th of june. I feel so bad for her, it is so hot and so heavy, its always hurting her, but shes super strong and super awesome, i love her. She hasnt had the best luck though. weve been to the hospital too many times. but other than that all is good here. i have 11 months now, what the crap. I cant believe how quickly it has gone by, but i love the mission. It is so fun and hilarious and spiritual and so so hard, but so great. Im so happy. I love you guys, have an awesome week!!!
Hermana Sorenson

  Again, in the hospital with Hermana Guzman.
The heavy and hot cast.

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