Monday, May 16, 2016

"...inject me now!!!!!"

Well this week was kind of crazy. On tuesday my comp skyped her family and after we went out to pupusas. Hermana Guzman got a smoothy and i think it had like touched kiwi or something because shes super allergic to kiwi. Anyway we stand up to leave and shes like i dont feel good, we get home at like 8 58 and shes like man i really dont feel good, she used her inhaler a couple times, and i told her to lay down while i planned. She laid down for like a minute and comes out looking super scary and shes like inject me now!!!!!! hermana spjut had given me a syringe and adreneline to inject in an emergency, i never thought id use it but... yeah. So i was kind of not ready for that. I called the elders and they were actually like right outside the house, so they come in and im trying to fill the syringe, and i am not a nurse, so elder trejo injects her and everything. And my comp is freaking out, she cant breathe and she started shaking really bad from the medicine, but president shows up after a little while and at like 9 30 we went to the hospital. The doctor told us what we did was super dangerous and we could have given her a heart attack, but it stopped the reaction, they injected her with more medicine and we got home at like 11. so that was crazy. Then wednesday we had a mothers day activity, and a mariachi band came and it was awesome. Then we had an another activity that we had to plan as missionaries, and we did a bunch of games, it was super fun. But yeah all is good here. Im super happy. I love the mission. Man i almost have 11 months. It is so fast, i cant believe it. I love you guys!!!!! Have an awesome week!!!!! Sorry i didnt have much time to write
Hermana Sorenson
 Service project painting Mario's house.

We made mole, it's disgusting.
 In the hospital with Hermana Guzman. 

 Mother's Day activity.

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