Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"No changes, yea!!"

No changes yea!!! Changes are so scary!! This was the fastest change ever, but Im super glad me and Hermana Gonzalez have at least another change together. Nothing much happened this week. Were working with Bridgette and Lily. Bridgtte still has the 15 year old boyfriend, she knew it was wrong at first but now he wants to marry her, and they love eachother, but they can only get married if she is pregnant...so yeah were working hard with them, but we did find out she quit smoking and drinking coffee, so shes taking some steps forward and some backwards. The zone leader is going to meet with her this week and hes super good, so hopefully itll work out. The elders are teaching a woman and her son, and weve visited her a couple times too, her son turned 8 yesterday and she told us they wanted us to come over, so we went over and they had a huge dinner and it was so sweet!! They love the missionaries here, its awesome. So im sending pictures of the park in Texis today, the pictures do not do it justice at all, but it is so amazing, and the other night they set off fireworks and we can see them from the house so on christmas there will be a ton more, so that will be fun. Uhm i dont know what else happened this week...the familia Chinchilla has a ton of doubts but we still have hope for them, they say they are going to read the whole Book of Mormon, but they cant accept tithing right now. But everything is good here, i love texis, its so cute and super pretty for christmas. Sorry this is a short one, but i hope you all have a great week, I am so happy and hopeful for a lot more baptisms next change, the gospel is true and i am so grateful to share it and i am so happy to see everyone getting their mission calls and they can experience this too, its the best!!!, love you all!!!!!

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