Monday, June 6, 2016

"I'm dying a little bit over here..."

Well I just got a lot of information, I cant remember what happened in this week. BUT I totally knew Mkaul was going to have the baby the other night. Im proud of myself. Everyone needs to take a million pictures of her, shes so pretty!!!!!!!!!! Im dying a little bit over here, but Im so happy. YAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Tylers a dad? mom and dad are grandparents? im an aunt? what the crap is happening. No but really i dont know what happened this week. We celebrated some birthdays. OH yeah, on monday  i ate the most ive ever eaten in my life. it was elder dunshees birthday so we had dinner with a member and she made chicken, rice, salad and this plantain pie. i had like 5 pieces of chicken the size of my head, and i finished everything. the member was really happy with me. thats a really lame story but...yeah. also on tuesday we visited like the entire ward to say goodbye for hermana Guzman, it was super sad. On Wednesday my new comp came. Hermana De Leon, shes from Guate and shes super cool, we had another birthday on thursday, the ward mission leaders wife. Theyre an awesome family i love them. but yeah all is good here. Im super happy im super excited about Indie, I love her. and I love all you guys youre the best. I cant wait to be with you guys FOREVER

Goodbye Hermana Guzman!!!
 New Companion from Guatemala, Hermana De Leon.

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