Monday, June 13, 2016

"That is the blessing I'm most grateful for"

Wow Im super happy. Indie is so gorgeous. Im only a little bit baggy. But oh man Im so excited for you guys!! I love you all so much. I was thinking about Indie like all week, all i wanted to teach this week was how we can be together as families forever. So all the LPE that we did was about that. That is the blessing I am most grateful for. I am so gratful that we can be together forever. During the mission I have definitely seen the blessings of being sealed as a family. I really havent had a problem being homesick. I love you guys, but I feel like I havent been away from you guys for very long, I still feel like youre close, and I think thats a blessing from knowing we will be together forever, these 18 months are so short I dont need to feel homesick. I just want to help other families have these blessings too. We are trying to find new people this week. Our baptismal date fell this week. Her mom is a recent convert but this week she told us we cant pass by anymore. Her husband said that he didnt like the church and how we pass by all the time and a lot of crazy stuff, so to avoid fighting with her husband she said we shouldnt come by anymore. That was super sad. Satan is the worst. One day we walked to literally ever investigator we had and no one wanted to talk to us, so we contacted and knocked doors and were trying to talk to literally everyone to find someone to listen to us, and no one. It was kind of rough, we had only one lesson with an investigator that day. it was super crap.  we dont have too many people right now. It made me wonder though what I am doing wrong that makes all the investigators fall when I get to an area. because that seems to be happening. I was praying a lot and I got an answer to my prayers and it was really awesome. Im not perfect, Im failing all the time, but if Im being obedient and working and trying my best, God will be happy with me. So were just going to work and be happy and obedient and all will be good. But im having like a mid life crisis a little bit. I have like 6 months left here and I want to make sure i change all the things i need to change in this time. Crap its so fast. I love you guys. Sorry my letters are kind of terrible, ill try harder next week hahah.
Hermana Sorenson

 The zone wanted to have their picture posted on
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