Sunday, June 26, 2016

"I bust out crying..."

Hi Family!
Happy Fathers Day!! I hope Dad and Grandpa and all the uncles and eveyone had an awesome day!! You guys are the best examples and i love you all!! So this week was crazy. We had interchanges with the sister training leaders so i went to El Refugio and got really really really sick. I had the worst stomach pain ever and after lunch we went with a less active and in their front door I threw up like 4 times. we taught them. Left with a member and taught someone else, then went to another less active and we were in their house for a while and my comp was teaching and then i bust out crying, and I told her i couldnt take it anymore. And i threw up like 5 times with this family. but She called the nurses and the nurse told us we had to go home. But in this area the sisters live in another area so we were super far. So we had to call this guy to pick us up and take us home, because i was not going to walk that. so we got home and i threw up a lot and it was really fun. But the members were really sweet telling me i would be ok and rubbing my back and stuff hahaha. These people are really nice, i love them. but i rested that day and i was ok to work the next day. and now im all good so dont worry. but i thought i was going to die, but ya no. Anyways...The storms here have been amazing. The thunder is so intense i have videos but i cant send them, so ill show you in 5 or 6 months. ok i have no time...ahhh sorry. But im happy and healthynow and my companion is awesome i love her. The church is true, and I know it brings the blessing we all want more than anything in this life. We can be happy and at peace in this messed up world! i love you all. I promise to write a good letter this next monday!!!
Hermana Sorenson

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