Monday, July 25, 2016

" many experiences to shape me and change me to become more of who I need to be"

Hey family!!
Sorry my last letter was kind of terrible, but all is well here. Hermana Vissoni is super great and super funny. Oh man this last monday we went to the hospital, hermana vissoni had a problme with her toenail and it was bleeding every night for like months so we went and the doctor was about 100 years old and he said it wasnt healing because she had a splinter of toenail in her skin so he had to take it out, so he whips out a syringe and starts injecting her to put the toe to sleep, and my comp is like dying from pain, from the injection, but he only gave her a tiny bit of anesthesia. and then he just cuts the nail in have and rips it off and my comp is screaming and then he digs around to take out the splinter and i wanted to throw up and pass out, i really dont know why i was watching, but oh man it was so horrible, and then to finish he stuffed it up with cotton and taped it. and then we had to walk around and she was dying. and then the next day she had to take off the tape and stuff and the cotton was super stuffed in the freaking hole of her toe and i had to pull the bloody thing out. so that was fun this week. And the toe is still messed up, probably worse, so were going to see what we need to do about that. But today the owner of our house is going to take our dog. He ran out of food and water and we cant pass to give him anything so he wanted to kill us. he got really really angry and it was kind of scary. but theyre taking him today thank goodness. But the biggest change in me during the mission is probably that i like dogs, Tyson is demented so i dont like him as much, but i love dogs now what the heck. in my training i thought if i didnt hate dogs before, now i really do, but some how that changed? i dont know, its weird. ive also been bitten twice now. But really im super happy here. This area is so pretty, its just like Lost, and its all hills, my calves are getting seriously worked out. and at night we are so exhausted, but i like that. Also we have an amazing cook, Im eating meat again!!! and pasta!!! so im super happy. and its super fun with hermana Vissoni, i always wanted to be her comp in ahuachapan during our training but i never thought it would happen, but im super happy to be with her, shes hilarious and super super direct and i like that. we get along super well. Also i completed 13 months in the mission. Wow. i am just so grateful, i love this country so much, and this mission has been so perfectly suited for me personally. I know God knows us all individually, He knew me before the mission and He knew what I needed in this mission, and He has given me so many experiences to shape me and change me to become more of who I need to be. Of course I have a ton more I need to change but its so interesting to see the weaknesses i had before the mission and the experiences He has given me to help me overcome them. I just hope ill be able to take advantage of these last few months, the mission is amazing, the church is so true!!!! I love you all have an awesome week!!!

 Trying to keep her toe dry in the rain.  Poor thing, all that walking!!

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