Monday, July 18, 2016

"This place is super beautiful..."

Well this week was super great. Im here in Aldea in Santa Ana with Hermana Vissoni, we came to the mission at the same time and we were in ahuachapan together. She is really great I love her. This place is super beautiful and there are a ton of people who are interested. This sunday we had 2 baptisms!!! Christian and Fernando. Christian is the husband of a member and they got married last week and he was baptized on Sunday, and fernando is a little boy. That was super awesome, they are both super great. This place is super pretty, for the last 9 months ive been in the city which is completely flat, but holy cow half dome was my prep for this place. it is all like mountains my legs are dying, but its awesome. i feel like im back in el salvador, im super happy. Also we have a huge dog in the house, the owner is supposed to take him, but never comes. But he is huge like a bear. his name is tyson. also i dont have much time i need to finish, but ill write better next week. I love you guys, im happy and safe, have an awesome week!!!!!
Aldea in Santa Ana. Super beautiful!!!!

 Two baptisms last weekend. Fernando and Christian.

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