Monday, July 11, 2016

"Obey and you will be at peace with yourself and God..."

Hello family.
I have changes. I am going to Aldea 2 with Hermana Vissoni, shes from Guatemala. I had a little over 3 months here in Ciudad Real, and it was super great. I love the people here and im going to miss them so much. but im excited for something different. and maybe my last area? maybe. but yeah im excited. Hermana Vissoni came with me so we have almost the same time, and shes really great. so yeah....i dont really remember what happened in this week. The four of us spoke in church yesterday about missionary work that was good. I was reading all the quotes from the prophets that are in preach my gospel and wow, so powerful. I used one in my talk from President George Albert Smith that says our own salvation depends on how we share the gospel. Its so important. We have the greatest blessing one can possibly recieve, how can we keep it to ourselves? they may not know it, but everyone is searching for this gospel, and we just need to open our mouths. i know it can be hard, this change has been supppeerrr hard, but i also know its worth it. i love the part in PMG in the first presidency message that says you will recieve more happiness than you have ever experienced before. its true. also i know it is worth it to be obedient, wickedness never was happiness. obey and you will be at peace with yourself and with God, and theres nothing better than that. I know this gospel can take away the guilt and shame that comes from just living in this messed up world. i know it is all worth it. i love you all!!!!!! have an awesome week!!!

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