Monday, July 4, 2016

"This week humbled me to the depths of my soul..."

This week was super good. We went and visited this member Roxanna and she told us she thought maybe she was pregnant and she bought a test and she is pregnant and we got to be there with her hahah it was super weird but super exciting. We are like her best friends, she wanted us to be witnesses for her wedding and she is the sweetest person ever. i love her. Also I told everyone it was moms birthday yesterday and everyone sends their love!! Also we had intercambios this week. I thought this mission had already humbled me as much as possible...but no. Honestly ive had problems with this hermana leader, i dont know why but i felt like she hated me and like i could never please her, she is super machete and was always telling me what im doing wrong. So theey texted us at 10 40 the night before that we had intercambios and for 2 days, so it started off rough. I stayed here in the area and this sister was with me. Holy cow the first day was the worst day of my life. I was so stressed and so angry and i was praying so hard to be able to endure one more day with her, and then i realized how wrong i was, and i prayed for her and for her to be happy and that i could learn all i needed to from her. I apologized to her and told her i really wanted to be better and learn all i could from her in these 2 days. The next day when she talked i took notes and really tried to show her i was willing to listen and learn. It was one of the best days of my mission. That night we came home and she told me all the things i was doing right, how she was so proud of me and how she wanted me to be an hermana leader, and how much she loved me. we prayed together and she hugged me for a long time, i wanted to cry. Holy cow, for so long I thought it wasnt my pride that was causing our problems i thought she really just hated me and wantedto ruin my life. but yeah this week humbled me to the very depths of my soul haha. I love her, i learned so much from her and we are great friends now. it was kind of life changing this week. Sometimes we have problems and we put the blame on everyone else instead of ourselves, we judge them and say they need to change and not me, but thats so not true. When i changed myslef, everything else changed, and our problems were fixed. It was amazing. I do honestly love this sister and i will miss her when she finishes the mission in these next 2 weeks. I know this gospel is true and that if we let it, it can change us completely and turn us into disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know the atonement is real, and it not only cleans us from sin but it can change us into something completely different and so much better. This is the gosple of Jesus Christ, everyday it is more and more clear to me. I hope everyone who reads this realizes that this is Gods church. We may not be able to understand every detail and principle, there may be times when we doubt things but this is the plan of God, how can we as normal people understand every detail in the plan of a God, its impossible. But even when we dont understand the spirit can testify that this is the truth. This is the church Jesus Christ established. I know we are guided by Jesus Christ through a prophet and apostles. I know that this is all true, all of it. I love you all!!!!! 
Hermana Sorenson

Received a package from Raegan, YAY!!!! All great stuff you can only get in the U.S.
 She tried to move her study table and it collapsed. That made her laugh!

 1st time in about 8 months that she had eaten meat.
 Favorite little boy, Diego!

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