Thursday, April 7, 2016

"No one has dirt under their nails except me."

Hey family!!
This has been a great week. Through these past two weeks Ive learned how much the Lord protects His misisonaries. I have seen more miracles in this week than ever in my life. It has strengthen my testimony so much and I am SO grateful to have been companions with Hermana Lopez, she is incredible and an amazing missionary but, she returned home this week. I  know you won't understand everything that has happened, but i cant explain everything. But im super happy. Im in Tazumal in Chalchuapa. I feel like im in the states again. It super weird, they all live in gated communities, and the kids are so clean. No one has dirt under their nails except me. But we have a washer in the house which is amazing. Hermana Heahnal is training hermana Guzman, and she has 6 months, shes from vermont. Hermana Guzman has 2 months and is from guate, she was comps in the CCM with hermana Lopez hahaha. They have 4 baptismal dates, and two should be baptized this week, so im super excited!!!!! people here actually want to listen, im so used to fighting so hard with them, its nice to talk to someone who actaully has a desire to read the BOM and go to church. Theyre awesome. So conference was super amazing. I left my notes at home, but i loved the talk by Elder Waddell, we only caught the last part, because they kicked us out of the english room and we had to set up another room. But he was talking about Lehis vision how many people tasted of the fruit, but fell away when they saw the people mocking them. But those who continued to eat the fruit and didnt heed the mockings were able to be saved. There will always be ridicule and mocking and afflictions as members of the church, but we do not need to give heed to it. If we continue to partake of the fruit and dont give heed to the world and their own ideas, we will be able to keep tasting of the fruit and the joy it brings us. It doesnt matter what everyone says, their changing standards. The gospel brings the happiness we want, not following what is most accepted. I liked that one. And all of them. Any way my area is super great and im super happy and excited. Also its not hot here, so thats an adjustment. Love you guys!!!!!!

 She was sad to say goodbye to Texis! She loved the people there!!

 Her dear friend Hermana Lopez!!

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