Monday, March 21, 2016

"I can promise that there is no greater happiness..."

Hi family!!
This week is semana santa and in texis is crazy!! there are these Taziwines the little devil guys, that are going around whipping people con todo. my comp is crazy and asked for a picture, and we were with this one taziwin and a drunk guy past and the Taziwin went all out whipping him, it was scary, but its all for fun. Supposedly they take a sin away when they whip you. but they have a huge play with Jesus and theres a ton of people visiting from i dont know where in texis. So thats super fun, they keep asking me what we do for easter and Im like uhm we look for plastic eggs, and no one understands....i definitely dont understand the fun in getting whipped,but oh well. So what happened this week....nothing much. Oh i finished the book of mormon. I realized the diference between reading the book of mormon and studying it. I was only reading the book of mormon before the mission, and it was like a burden, when i wanted to go to bed and i was tired i remembered i needed to read, and id do it to get it over with, and that was terrible. But as ive studied it during the mission, i hate when personal study is over, and i want to read during lunch or at night, its super different. But its so much better. Im super thankful for the Book of Mormon, its super true. it changes lives for sure, super cool. I fell like i write these letters in like 2 minutes so sorry if they never make any sense or i dont have anything good to share, but thats how it is. Also im super excited for Linds to start the mission!!!!! YAAAYYYY. I can promise that there is no greater happiness than in serving God. If your obedient and working hard and trying to be positive, you will enjoy the mission, or just life in general!!! Im so happy!!!!!! love you guys have an awesome easter!!!!!
salu pues
hermana sorenson
 Hermana Sorenson and Hermana Lopez with a Taziwin. 

 Dead animal
"Terrible picture of me on a bus," her words.

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