Monday, April 11, 2016

"Oh man I felt like he was my own son..."

This week was awesome. This saturday Maria Josefa and her daughter Tatiana were baptized. The Elders also baptized Brandon.  Its been a long time since ive seen someone get baptized and it was super awesome. With every person, whether i taught them or not, i just feel pure joy seeing them go into the water. And the best is seeing their face when they come up, you just KNOW that what they did is right, and true. I cant explain it but it has strengthened my testimony so much, i know this is the baptism we need to live with God. I know these men have the power of God. Its so incredible. Also this week Hermana Avila, my trainer, called and told me that Edenilson, from Ahuachapan is preparing to serve a mission. Oh man I felt like he was my own son hahaha. I am so happy. He has about 7 months as a member now. man the time is so quick. Hermana Avila goes home this next change, she started training me when she had 9 months and i remember thinking man i cant wait to have 9 months, she knows everything. and now shes finishing, time is so fast i cant believe it. I love this work. what a blessing it is to help God in His work. I know my help is almost nothing, but even so, Ive been blessed more than i could have ever imagined. I know this church is true. and this is Gods work. I know any sacrifice we need to make to follow Christ is worth it, and so much more. God loves us. and i love you guys!!!!!!

Hermana Sorenson


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