Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Fasting brings miracles"

hey family,
so this week was good. we fasted and we met this woman marta lidia. she told us for a while she was taking the lessons and she went to a baptism and read some of the book of mormon and she loved everything, she just wasnt baptized because she was baptized in the catholica and her dad told her she didnt need to be baptized again (shes 63). so we talked to her about it, how a baby dont need baptism, the authority, all that, and she tells us she would be baptized but in the future because she feels a lot of impurity in herself, which is how she should be feeling...so thats good, im excited about her. we were in a lesson with her the other day, then all the sudden a man walks into the house and she bursts into tears and yells mi hijo!!! and the two of them are bawling and hugging and were sitting there like what the heck is going on. so turns out her son had been "away" for 8 years and she hadnt seen him the whole time, and she had no idea he was coming home and he just showed up...she almost had a heart attack. and my poor new companion just left her family so that was pretty baggy. but yeah im excited about marta, and her son wants to come to church too, so thats cool. so yeah fasting brings miracles. this sunday the branch president passed out at church, and his two daughters were bawling and it was super scary. he has some health issues but wont go to a doctor, and his poor daughter andrea is so worried. i love that family so much, and andrea is like my best friend. so they need prayers pleeaassee. but things are great here. i love the mission, im trying to drill it into hermana lopez´s head that the mission is way too fast and that we need to do everything we can to make the most of it, we need to baptize someone!!!!! but thanks for all the prays you guys are amazing i love you!!!!!
Hermana Sorenson
 Hermana Sorenson, Hermana Biddle from Washington, and Hermana Lopez her companion

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