Monday, March 7, 2016

"Bat problem...scorpion problem...spider problem"

hey family!!!!
things are good here, i have a bunch of pics to send of all the animals in our house this week, so you can understand a little better what my life is like here in el salvador. the bat problem in the house is out of control. I had to sweep a ton of bat poop today. We also have a scorpion problem and spider problem. life here is different but its so fun. also we lost our most positive inv. cause her son came home from prison and is not a great person to be around too much so we cant visit her. Well see if we can work something out, but hes always around now. satan. but anyways, things are good. only 6 weeks left here in texis:( the changes are so fast, our district now is only the two companionships in texis, and im the only gringa, but thats ok. This week my comp and i were talking about the book of mormon, and if someone really reads the book of mormon wanting to know the truth, there is no way you can deny it is of God, if you really study it, theres no way you can say it was written by a man. we are trying to so hard to get these less actives to read the book of mormon, but none of them will. this week i received a ton of answers to questions ive had for  while, and all were from reading the book of mormon. It doesnt matter how personal your question is or how specific, the book of mormon can answer it. And i also have realized during the mission the difference in reading and studying the book of mormon. STUDY it, its completely different. i dont have a lot of time, and i dont know if any of this made sense, but im happy and i hope you all are too love you!!!!!

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