Monday, February 22, 2016

"a wanderer in a strange land..."

Hey Family!!!
So Im happy but this week was not great. We cant find anyone here!!! They are all super catolicos or evangelicos. We teach them about joseph smith and theyre like yeah i feel the spirit...but i have my church sorry. It has been cool though to see these people react to jospeh smith and his vision, with almost all of them you can see something change in them, they focus and dont brake eye contact, like theyre pulled in my something. The first vision is so powerful, i ALWAYS feel the spirit when we give it, so thats cool. And the people are willing to listen to us, but they are super into their church and dont want anything with us. So thats frustrating, but i think this week were going to explore our area and go to some places weve never been before. Were going to the temple this week!!! im super excited, last time i didnt understand anything, so itll be a lot cooler this time. I finally feel like maybe im fluent now, which is cool, it took forever, but thats ok. So other than that everything is good here. We dont have a lot of investigators but weve been teaching a lot of first lessons which i love. I love teacing about the restoration, it makes so much sense to me, and EVERYTIME the spirit tesifies that it is true. How awesome is it that God sends His spirit to each of us personally, to help us know the truth of even the smallest things. Even to someone who already knows its true, and doesnt have any doubt, we still are blessed with that spirit. Its awesome. In my scripture study this week i felt like God was speaking directly to me. And I know He was. God speaks to us through the scriptures, The Book of Mormon is amazing, read it and study it, because we need to hear from God!! I know God is perfectly aware of us, He knows my situation and all of yours, how cool is that!! Yea i say blessed be the name of my God who has been mindful of me, a wanderer in a strange land.....(el salvador) :)
 (alma 26 36)

 Best District EVER!!

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