Monday, February 15, 2016

"He knows everything, and we are nothing"

This week was super good. We finally have a good amount of peopole to teach and people progressing so thats awesome. We were able to bring two newbie to church this week and we have some super positive people thatll be baptized in march hopefully. This week Ive been thinking about how so many poeple focus so much on these tiny little details of the gospel. They want to understand these tiny things that they cant see the big picture, and the joy and blessings this gospel brings. How can we understand every little detail in Gods plan. It makes no sense. He knows eveything, and we are nothing. I have always loved the scripture that says Gods ways are higher than our ways and His thought are higher than our thoughts. We just need to focus on why we are here, to become like Jesus Christ. Its not as complicated as so many people make it out to be. This gospel brings so much peace and joy, but a lot of people are over analyzing and they are overwhelmed and cant see the blessings. I dont have much time today sorry, but here are some random pics!! Love you guys!!!
Hermana Sorenson


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