Monday, February 8, 2016

"Teaching the gospel is of course the best..."

Hi family!!
So we had a good week. I think Ive adjusted to the training life now so its a lot better. Its kind of a lot of pressure, but pressure is good. Hermana Lopez finished a month in the mission this week so that was exciting!! Also we made pupusas with our investigators and the elders, i need a lot more practice but they were pretty good. But the cheese here doesnt exist in the states so i dont know if ill ever be able to make a really good pupusa back home so thats sad. We eat pupusas at least once a day, sometimes twice a day. They are so good, im obsessed. Also the other day for luch i made myslef fried plantains with beans, it was so weird.and i actually like it. Today we made these burrito things from Honduras, they were really good, and i learned how to make tortillas. The tortillas here are small and super thick, but we made big thin ones, they were super good. so we cooked and ate good food this week, but other than that nothing much happened. We have this 9 year old girl that follows us to all the church activities in the week and on sunday, but we got busted my her dad this week. Oh and another girls parent too. So yeah some people got mad at us for trying to baptize their children. Even though we werent...theyre just little kids, but it was funny. We got some refences from the branch pres this week so hopefully we can find these part member families and help some people get baptized. Me and Hermana Lopez are good friends now. It was a little difficult at first, but we understand each other better now so we can joke around and stuff, so im happy. Trainings fun, teaching the gospel is of course the best, so all is well. Love you guys happy valentines day!!!! I love you all and im thankful for all your support and examples to me!!! have a great week!!!!!
Hermana Sorenson
 The District

 Burrito things from Honduras

Homemade tortillas

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