Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"That's when I realized I'm in El Salvador"

Hermana Sorenson and Hermana Lopez

Ok so this week we left all our investigators. So we are going to find news this week. It a little bit stressful, because its all on me as a trainer, but I know there are people that are ready to be baptized, so well find them this week. I think Ive adjusted to training now. The first week was crazy, and we didnt have anyone to teach, and I was super worried, I didnt think I would be able to teach like 90% of a lesson by myself or do all the contacting by myself, but now I know the Lord qualifies those He calls, it was a miracle honestly. But now Hermana Lopez knows the lessons and stuff, so were balancing the teaching and stuff, its good. We had interchanges with the hemana leaders this week, and we were going to a lesson, and we had to climb this fense to cross this river, it was hilarious, and that was when i realized im in el salvador....i was in a skirt scaling this gaint fense to cross a was super fun. My life is a little bit different now than it was before. But other than that, not much happened this week, were just trying to find more people to teach. And baptize. So pray that well have success this week please!! But dont worry im still happy, its amzing really, how we can walk all day long, its so hot, no one wants to listen, and were still happy. There is no greater blessing to serve the Lord and help in His work, and thats why Im so happy. I know this church is the truth, and that if we live it, we will be able to live with God. We can walk with Him and Talk to Him, we can KNOW our Savior. Is there anything better than that? Were working for something unbelievably amazing, so of course its going to be hard, but more than worth it.  Anyway, hopefully ill have some better stuff to write next week, i love you all!!!!! Hermana Sorenson

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