Monday, January 25, 2016

"I believed it...but, I know it now."

Hey family!!!
So the conference with Elder Cook was incredible. The spirit was unbelievable. I was crying the entire time. I know this church is lead by Jesus Christ himself. I have always had a strong testimony of the gospel, but in that conference, when Elder Cook bore his testimony, the reality of everything hit me. I know I will see Christ, I know that there is life after, I know that I can live with my Heavenly Father, like I did before. I believed it with everything in me before, but i know it now. I know God listens to our prayers, and He answers us, He answered me. These men are apostles of Christ and they KNOW Him. The church is true, it is clear as day to me. I see Satan working in these people's lives keeping them from the truth, Satan is fighting the church with all his power, I feel like my eyes have been opened, it is so clear, everything just makes sense in the church. I am so grateful to have a testimony. I was on a super spiritual high. So companion is from Guatemala, shes 19, and we get along really well now. The first few days were so hard, like really really really hard. But the conference was perfect. Fear is not from God, and I know God qualifies those He calls. We are always so focused on ourselves, like I cant do this, I'm not good enough, I cant teach well enough, and it doesn't matter. It doesnt matter how smart I am, or how well I teach, nothing in the mission is about me. God doesnt care about that at all. Im here to do what God whats me to do, it doesnt matter if I think I can or cant, if I can be worthy of the spirit and follow it, thats all that matters. So the conference was an answer to a million prayers. We are trying really hard to find new people, and i think this week we found some good ones, so im excited. Everythings amazing, the mission is so incredibly difficult, but again, it doesnt matter how i feel, or my own abilities, I know God gives me the strength to do everything. The mission is harder than I ever thought, and so much more amazing than I ever thought possible. Its amazing, and I am so so happy. The church is true. I love you guys!! Have a great week!!!!

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