Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Ok so a lot of stuffed happened this week. First and most exciting is that Lidia went to the temple!!!! She did her family history work before and did the work for her mom and grandma!!! Oh man we were so happy, she felt the spirit so strong and she was so happy!!! So that was so amazing, shes incredible!! Also changes this week...IM TRAINING!!!! Hermana Gonzalez is leaving and im staying here in texis and training!! Oh man im freaking out, but im really excited!!!! Hermana Gonzalez is going to be the hermana training leader and shes going to be incredible!! It was so sweet, Hermana Avila, my trainer called me and she is so excited for me hahaha. Oh man, its crazy. Also were having a worldwide missionary broadcast this week, and Elder Cook is coming this week too, so thats super exciting!! There are a lot of other changes in the mission too, like we wont have change meetings anymore, you just take a bus in the morning to your new area, so thats weird, i loved the change meetings but its fine. Also other rules were changed and stuff, just counting lessons, and with phones and that stuff. So yeah, it was a crazy week. Also I ate the tiny green mangos with salt that i heard about before the mission, it wasnt bad actually, if i eat enough ill probably like them hahaha. So yeah, a lot of stuff will happen this week too, so youll see, and ill get my new companion on tuesday. Anyway, super happy, super scared, but itll be great!!! Love you guys, the church is true!!!!
Hermana Sorenson

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