Friday, January 1, 2016

"The chikungunya is dying off now..."

Hi family!!
Hope you had a merry christmas, skyping last week made it so awesome!!! I loved seeing you guys!! So chirstmas was good, the chikungunya is dying off now so im feeling better, but we havent been able to work too much, but this week should be normal. We had christmas eve dinner with the branch presidents family and it was super great, we always have dinner with their family elder jepson and elder cardona and were all just best friends, so its super fun. I finished 6 months last week so thats insane, the time is unbelievably fast. Lidia is getting baptized this wednesday!!! Shes so excited and so ready. She loves the gospel and it so excited to be a member and to be baptized in the true church. I love her, we met her 3 weeks ago and she has gone every sunday in a row. She always prays for us and her prays are so sweet and sincere. She really has changed her life in the last 3 weeks to prepare herself to be baptised. She has a really pretty white dress and shes super excited. Nothing much else happened this week sorry!! But this week will definetly be beter and more eventful!! love you guys!!!
 Ashley skyping us Christmas morning.

 Hermana Gonzalez and Hermana Sorenson with their Branch President
and the two Elders that serve in their area, whom they love!!

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