Monday, January 4, 2016

" is the BEST feeling ever"

 At Pres. Rodriguez's house for New Year's.

 Lidia's baptism 

Hey family!!
 This week was great!! Everything went super well with Lidias baptism. She was so excited, she had a pretty dress, it was super tight and we could hardly zip it but we did and she loved it hahaha. She even bore her testimony at the end and it was so amazing. The most amazing convert ever. She said before her baptism that when she gets baptized, itll be something she will always follow through with and she wont ever miss church, and so far so good!! ever since we met her she has never missed a sunday, shes incredible and such an example to me!! Her tesitmony is so strong, shes had a really hard live, especially lately, but she sees the hand of God in her live and the blessings shes recieved since starting to go to church. I am so beyond grateful to be serving this mission, I really am giving up so little and in exchange i get to see these people change their lies and come unto Christ, and it is the BEST feeling ever. The church is so true, and everything comes from God, ideas of men do not exist here, its so pure and perfect, and I am so grateful to share it with other people. I am so happy!!!!! On new years we had dinner with President Ramirez family(branch pres) and I love them so much, theyre like a second family here, i love Texis!! New years was crazy though, so many fireworks, it was a little terrifying, but theyre so cheap so all these kids by a ton and light them off all all night, so this week was a little exhausting but good. Also I didnt have chikungunya, it was zika or some different form of it, but not the real thing, so thats good, but i can still get it so that wont be fun, but im back to normal now. Its all good here, hopefully we will find some more people like Lidia and have a lot more baptisms. So yeah, i love the mission.
Hermana Sorenson :)

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