Monday, August 24, 2015

They had mercy on me!

Hi everyone!!
The weeks are starting to go by pretty fast. Tomorrow Edenilson will be baptized so thats really exciting, hes gone to church every week sionce we met him and hes super positive. This week we got to do a sesión in San Salvador, it was really hard in spanish hahaha but it all worked out, they had mercy on me. It was super great, and this fridday we are going back to hear Russell M. Nelson speak so Im super excited. Last night I made pupusas with the Bishops wife and they were amazing, when there is just barely any cheese in them theyre really gross, but with those homemade refried beans, they are so good, the beans are the best thing ever. So i can make some for everyone in 16 months. Its probably a miracle that my feet dont hurt at all. Before the misión my arches hurt like all the time hahaha, but theyre totally good now. So im definitely being blessed, Hermana Avila got Chickengunya, however you spell that, and she said i was going to get it too for sure but i dodnt so thats amazing too. In the CCM they made us think you would probably die from it, but literally everyone gets it here and its no big deal. They scare you to death in the CCM with parasites and diseases and stuff but im totally fine. So this week has been really good, Im not stressed out and its usually pretty easy to teach, so its going good. I miss you guys a lot sometimes which is hard but im still really happy for some reason, so its all good. I know this church is true without a doubt, I can feel it so strong when i teach, especially with the 1st visión, its amazing, I know for a fact Joseph Smith saw God and thats so amazing. So Ill talk to you next week, have a good week, i love you al!!!!
Hermana Sorenson

She likes her apartment but, wishes it had an oven.

The other day a bug flew up her sleeve and she screamed and threw her scriptures in the air.  She says Hermana Avilla thinks she' crazy, ha ha!!  

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