Monday, August 17, 2015

"Everyday is so important"

HI everyone!! this week was great, much better than last week. And this week makes 2 months in the mission which is crazy, i cant believe it. Our investigator Alex was baptized yesterday which was awesome, and our other investigator Edenilson was there too. We met Edenilson after I got here, and i led the lesson with him the other day and gave the baptismal invitation and he said he wanted to be baptised and on the 25 of August so thats exciting. So yeah this week was better, and i like it more and more each day. It has rained a good amount this week, and it pours, and with the tin roofs its impossible to hear anything, so thats hard, but i like the rain usually. We saw a dog get hit by a car this week with was really nasty and i got my arm shut in a bus door hahaha. Its much different here but i really like it. The people always want to talk to us usually and there like oh yeah this i s the word of God, i feel the spirit and everything, but they dont except it, a lot of people just want to talk about God, so thats hard but  at least they talk to us. Anyways missionary work is the best, i dont know what im going to do after the mission, its so hard but so great and everyday is so important, its awesome. Love you guys, have a great week!!!
Hermana Sorenson
         She looks happy to me!!  She however does not enjoy pupusas, an authentic El Salvadorian dish.
Alex was baptized!!!  Ashley looks thinner already!!  Apparently when you walk and sweat non-stop and only eat corn you lose weight.  She said that one member wanted to weigh her so he could know how much she loses.  They are very direct and she says its funny.
The house of one of her investigators.  She said it is prettier in person.
But, that is their sink where they cook and do laundry.

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