Monday, August 17, 2015

First Week in El Salvador

Wow finally, i feel like its been forever since i wrote!! First of all i want to say how blessed we all are, we have so much, its insane. The first day in the field was really hard. Its so different. The houses are mostly all just cement squares with sheets dividing rooms, some are just tarps over branches, and they have 1 light bulb so its really dark all the time which was depressing the first day but now im just so grateful for all i have, because i litterally have everything. So the people are so friendly and i really love them, theyre so sweet and accepting. One investigator is being baptised this sunday, his name is alex so im really excited for that. There are a ton of animals here. Some giant pigs and cows and dogs and cats and tons of chickens, its crazy. My spanish isnt as bad as i thought i twould be but its still hard speaking only sppanish but im learning pretty quick. I should probably explain that sickness in the CCM more. Our whole district and like half the nortes in the CCM got super sick, some like couldnt move and everyone was running to the bathroom every 2 minutes, i had it for a day and i thought it was gone when we left for El Salvador, but i threw up 3 times on the bus, luckily they had a bathrrom...but it didnt flush so everyone was like what is up with the bathroom, it was embarrassing but funny, and i felt so good after so i didnt care hahaha. Anyways its great here, i like teaching, contacting is harder but all of it is good, im still adjusting, but im happy. Our apartment has a good amount of cockroaches and the first day i was like how am i going to live here, but now i dont even care hahah, we gained a gaint lizard today too, i dont know what to do about that. Its pretty crazy how much ive adjusted already. We got to go the the Temple with investigators the other day which was so fun. And i dont feel in danger at all, i dont think you have to worry, its all good. Anyways I love you all, thanks for your letters and support, its amazing youre all the best!!!! Talk to you next weekSmiling face (black and white) 

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