Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Spanish is crazy..."

Hi guys, Im here, everything went really well. we just contacted and it was pretty hard, spanish is crazy but they said not to worry about it. oh i threw up like 3 times on the bus over here, we got this insane sickness in the mtc and i thought i was fine but i kept throwing up, but i feel great now, hopefully its past. Were in the mission home now with the president, theyre really great, i really like them. anyways im safe, and president told me missionaries are rarely ever robbed, so that was good news. Love you guys, i think i can write on Monday so talk to you then!!
Hermana Sorenson with President and Sister Spjut
Hermana Sorenson and her companion Hermana Avila from Honduras

They have been assigned to the area of El Arco in the Ahuachapan Stake

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