Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Last letter from Guatemala

Hi everyone!! Wow this is my last time writing from Guatemala!! this went by sooo fast its unbelievable, some days i feel like im totally ready and other days im so nervous to leave, mostly because i dont want to leave everyone here, its hard not to get attached to people you are with every single day, all day. I love them all so much its going to be rough saying goodbye. But i am excited to do this for real. Im not sure if i mentioned this in my last letter but we had our last lesson with one of our investigators and we asked him how he was feeling for his baptism and he said he was so excited, it wasnt even real but it made me so happy, i can only imagine how ill feel with the real thing, itll be amazing. This week we got to have devotionals with Elder Ochoa and Elder Falabela, which was so amazing, since were such a small group they do like question and answer stuff and we always get the front row and its really cool, and the spirit was amazing. Elder Falabela was last night and he talked about the importance of bringing families to the gospel not just single people and it was really great and im so thankful for my amazing family, there are a lot of converts here and their families are super mad at them for joining the church and serving missions and they arent writing at all, and i always have letters from you guys and im so grateful for all the support i have, i really am the most blessed person ever. Something really awesome happened this week. We were having a devotional and Hermana Province needed her powerpoint for it and it was not working and she was getting really stressed and she asked us if we would pray, so i quickly said my own prayer in my head and waited, and nothing was happening and we were really late and i remember Hermano Abadillo talking about how we need to pray really specifically, and that when we do that we can see miracles, so i decided to pray again but i prayed that the Elders could find the problem with the computer and bring up the powerpoint in 3 minutes, I finished my prayer and nothing was happening   but at exactly 3 minutes after my prayer one of them said i fixed it and the powerpoint was up, it was pretty amazing and such a testimony builder to me that God hears all our prayers and he does answer them when we have faith. So that was the best thing from this week. I cant believe on Tuesday im leaving for el salvador, its insane, and dont freak out if i dont email next week, im not sure if ill be able to. Anyways another amazing week, Hermano Abadillo said he was impressed with my spanish this week so that like made my life, but i can say more than i understand, i dont know if thats good or bad, but next time i write ill tell you how my spanish really is, once its really put to the test. So hopefully i can write soon! Love you guys, youre all the best!!!

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